Prof. Carl Anderson
Fondazione Cavalieri di Colombo
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Largo Cavalieri di Colombo

Your Excellencies, Your Honor Mayor Alemanno, Reverend Fathers, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, it is indeed an honor to share this wonderful occasion of the groundbreaking for the Largo Cavalieri di Colombo.

For nearly a century, the Knights of Columbus and the City of Rome have shared something wonderful – a relationship that brought together the best of the old and new worlds.
The Knights' relationship with Rome has had to overcome an ocean, a language barrier, cultural differences, even a war in which the United States and Italy fought on opposing sides.

It is a strong relationship precisely because it has been tested, and because it has survived each test. It has been able to do this because it is based on faith: the common Catholic faith shared on both sides of the Atlantic, and a faith in the inherent dignity and goodness of our neighbor, no matter how far away he or she lives.

We have a strong relationship because it is also based on the fundamental principle of the Knights of Columbus, a principle that has been discussed by Pope Benedict XVI in his first and again in his most recent encyclical. That principle is charity – helping those in need, wherever they are found

Il Cavaliere Supremo Carl Anderson

Rome welcomed the Knights of Columbus and our charitable work, and we welcomed the opportunity to assist the people of the Eternal City. Our work began with the assistance we provide to allied troops during World War I, then – at the Invitation of Pope Benedict XV – in our construction of playgrounds for the youth of Rome, and again in our charitable work during and after World War II – despite the fact that our countries were at war. Our work has continued with the ongoing support of the playgrounds, with the assistance in renovation projects at St. Peter's Basilica as well as with the Vatican's communication initiatives, and with cultural exchange projects that have brought treasured artworks from Rome to the United States.
We are grateful that the City of Rome has honored this relationship through the dedication of a square named for the Knights of Columbus. We hope that Largo Cavalieri di Colombo will be a place where all who come will be reminded of the great things that can be accomplished when people work together in the spirit of Christian charity that has the ability to transcend even oceans, cultures, and war.
The Knights of Columbus has always found a welcome home in Rome, and it has been an honor to serve the people of this city, as well as both the local Church and the Vatican for nearly a century.
Though a century may seem like a long time in some parts of the world, Rome is the Eternal City. As a result, it is clear that our friendship and our work together for the common good is only just beginning, and we look forward to continuing our work in this city for many years to come

Thank you very much
Supreme Knight Carl Anderson